Programme: Border & Security and Roundtable Europe 2018

Wednesday 20th June 2018, Brussels

09:30 — 10:00

Registration and Morning Coffee

10:00 — 10:10

Chair’s opening remarks

10:10 — 11:30

Morning Session I: Analysing the Current Policy and Strategy Framework

  • Analysing the Current Policy and Strategy Framework for Border Security in the EU
  • Improving the Information Systems for Border Management: what are the latest policy developments?
  • The revised legislative proposal for Smart Borders
  • Assessing the future EU Entry/Exit System (EES)
  • Reviewing the interoperability of EU information systems: what are the main elements of the proposal?

11:30 — 11:45

Coffee Break

11:45 — 13:00

Morning Session II: Increasing the Use of Biometrics and Technologies While Preserving Citizen’s fundamental Right and Security

  • Fundamental rights to privacy and protection of personal data
  • Data security risks and cyber threats: storage safety and security breach prevention
  • The use of biometrics: integrating the physical security features with the emerging digital verification process
  • Promoting the use of electronic authentication: what should be the strategies for the digitization of identification documents?

13:00 — 14:00

Networking Lunch

14:00 — 15:45

Afternoon Session: Enhancing EU Security Industry:  Foster Research and Innovation

  • Smart Borders Technology, Automatic Border Control and e-Gates: how can we implement the appropriate framework and instruments to foster research at the European Level?
  • EU research funding: how can we enhance the competitiveness of the EU security industry?
  • Strengthening public private partnership: how to ensure all key actors have access to the same information?
  • What should be the fundamental missions for security research after Horizon 2020?
  • Reducing the gap between research and market: building a business case for new technologies
  • How can industry support Government to implement new technologies effectively and efficiently?

15:45 — 16:15

Recommendations and Close of Roundtable

  • Recommendations for policy makers, governments and key stakeholders to support an EU-wide strategy : tour de table of each participant’s final recommendation for the Border and Security Report
  • Chair’s closing remarks



*Programme may be subject to change